Projet de culture par alvéoles

Projet de culture par alvéoles
Projet de culture par alvéoles
Projet de culture par alvéoles
Projet de culture par alvéoles
Projet de culture par alvéoles

Submission to Terre des Jeunes for
Education/ Research Center studying

“Humanity living Sacred Relationship with the Earth Mother through the Flower of Life Matrix “

February 5, 2019
by Gwendydd Gorchinsky Lambo of TerrÂm(i)es Enterprises

*(it must be noted here, that the Ancient Flower of Life design is the base Sacred Geometry used for the Alveole culture and so the two are used interchangeably)

• After experimenting, documenting and living with the Alveoles in an agriculture setting for the last 16 years;
• based on the scientific data on climate change, the scientific data on Heart and Brain connection, the research on Life Force Energy and the scientifically documented results on the emotions of Gratitude and Appreciation;
• the transmissions given by the Hathors, Marie Madeleine, Kryon and many more;
• the archeological and energy research of the Flower of Life Design used on Sacred Sites throughout the world
• and my own personal story as a strong environmental activist,

I feel sufficiently convinced that our greatest strength in either
1) raising Humanity’s Love Consciousness in evolution to the next dimension, which lies in our ability to be in a more profound relationship with Gaia.
2) learning to survive after the devastation of the Sixth Mass Extinction

We are in an auspicious moment of choice, where we must look at our strongest, fastest and most successful options. The strongest force on the planet is our Life Force Energy, our Sexual Energy. This field of Energy can be directed for Healing and it can be used to give birth to a New Level of Consciousness. Nature uses it in every nanosecond and She would be our Ultimate Teacher in our present moment of crisis.
It is in this spirit of Intention that I decidedly make this proposal for the possibility of future generations of All Life, as we have come to know it.
* * * *
In having the privilege to learn and work with the Lnog in the wisdom of Alveoles, in a gardening setting, they have graciously shared with me their precious knowledge of this Sacred Geometry tool. I wish to share this knowledge and further the understanding of the pattern of creation on the skin of the Earth Mother and how we may live in deep appreciation with Her, in a more truthful perspective of ourselves and others, securing the safety of All Life.
It is the intent of this project to sync our lives with Her Life, in receiving Her Energy and giving our energy, through our food, the transformation of our eliminations, our buildings, our cooking, our love making, etc.

This proposal is to request that this project be accepted under the stewardship of Terre des Jeunes.
The project outline would be:
1) To take a specified group of people, to learn to trace Alveoles throughout the property known and established as La fiducie « La Magdaleine » at 4005 Chemin du Lac Brennan, Rawdon, Quebec, Canada J0K 1S0
2) To teach sacred permaculture Alveole gardening, in relationship to a deep relationship with the Earth Mother, with ourselves and with others
3) To raise a goôom(wigwam) on an Alveole, to be used as a Mother Temple
4) To learn to use the Energy within the goôom(wigwam), to develop a deeper relationship to the Earth and Cosmic Mothers
5) To research sustainable all-season building prototypes, based on the technology of Alveole and goôom(wigwam) construction and also implicating the The Sustainable Development Research Association
6) To construct activity areas on the Alveole matrix, so as to develop this Oneness Relationship with Our Mother and with community
7) To document the scientific data of these Heart/Earth connections and its effects on the humans involved, the trees and the Earth herself, by implicating the Hearthmath Institute
8) To document the scientific data measuring brain waves and the conscious human involvement with the Earth Mother through Alveoles

This is a project in which one will learn to use the Life Force Energy, to its fuller capacity to benefit All Life. It is a project designed to raise Human Planetary Consciousness of the square root of 1% of the population (which would then raise the total population) by going deeper into a loving relationship with the Great Mother, spilling into more loving relationships with Motherhood, and the Feminine Principle within each of us. This is a technology of the Right Brain and the Heart, or as the ancient Egyptians termed it, the Right Eye of Horus, the Awakened One. It is urgent now to bring this Flower out to the light of Day and the unfolding of the Night.
Respectfully submitted by G(wendy)dd Gorchinsky Lambo

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